Resistor Manufacturer in ChinaWe is China Resistor Manufacturer located Shenzhen city of Guangdong province in China, it manufactures various resisters to supply to China domestic and international resistor users as customers. We have resistors as wirewound resistor, ceramic enclosed resistor, composition resistor, aluminum coated resistors, high voltage resistor, film resistor, shunt resistor ceramic and carbon composition resistor, aluminum encased resistor, and fusible resistor, and other resistors. Resistor has been widely used in machinery and equipments; resistors are easily seen on electrical device and electronic equipments.

    1. Wirewound Fixed Resistor
    2. Wirewound Fixed Resistor1. Wirewound fixed resistor comes with high stability and low temperature coefficient. Its operating temperature ranges from -55℃ ~ 155℃.
      2. The resistance range of a wirewound fixed resistor can be 0.01 Ω to 3kΩ with its rated power varying from 0.25W to 25W....
    1. Power Ceramic Tube Wirewound Resistor
    2. Power Ceramic Tube Wirewound ResistorPower ceramic tube wirewound resistor features high power. It can withstand high temperature and the impact of strong current.
      Its vertical wave-shape ribbon-wound design greatly reduces the inductance.
      Power ceramic tube wirewound resistor can be used in automated control...
    1. MPR Non-Inductive Plated Ceramic Resistor
    2. MPR Non-Inductive Plated Ceramic Resistor
      Ceramic Encased Resistors(Cement Resistors)
      MPR non-inductive plated ceramic resistor features low inductance from 30 to 60Nh and low resistance value from 5 m ohm to 6.6 ohm.
      It possesses fine thermalstability, low temperature coefficient, low noise...
    1. SQH Ceramic Encased Resistor
    2. SQH Ceramic Encased ResistorSQH ceramic encased resistor features high power, high stability and excellent insulating property.
      It is easy for a SQH ceramic encased resistor to dissipate heat.
      SQH ceramic encased resistor is fit for application in electric motor controller...
    1. Ceramic Encased Glass fiber Wirewound Resistor(CWR)
    2. Ceramic Encased Glass fiber Wirewound Resistor(CWR)
      Ceramic Encased Resistors(Cement Resistors)
      Although ceramic encased glass fiber wirewound resistor is small in physical size, it comes with high power. Therefore, it can save much space when directly mounted on a printed circuit board....
    1. Ceramic Composition Resistor HVA
    2. Ceramic Composition Resistor HVACompared with wirewound resistor and film resistor, ceramic composition resistor is more reliable.
      Ceramic composition resistor features high peak power. It can withstand high voltage and intermittent current surges...
    1. Golden Aluminum Encased Wirewound Resistor
    2. Golden Aluminum Encased Wirewound ResistorWe golden aluminum encased wirewound resistor comes with long service life, and is commonly used in power supply system, frequency converter, server, and more. With aluminum case, the resistor offer reliable performance in severe environments...
    1. Wirewound Fusible Resistor
    2. Wirewound Fusible ResistorWe wirewound fusible resistor is ideal for use in telecommunications, inrush pulse protection, home appliances protection, lightning strike protection, and input protection for small power supplies and battery chargers.
      FKN wirewound fusible resistor is a circuit element safe to use. Its lead wire...
    1. Thick Film Glaze Glass Chip Voltage Resistor
    2. Thick Film Glaze Glass Chip Voltage Resistor
      High voltage Resistor
      High voltage resistor is typically used in X-ray or imaging equipment and impulse voltage generators.
      Capacitor crowbar circuits, high voltage snubber circuits, and arc furnace...
    1. Braking Resistor Unit
    2. Braking Resistor UnitThe PRU braking resistor unit is a resistor cabinet that is made up of wire wound resistors.
      Power Range: 20KW-200KW
      Voltage Range: 0.5KV-10KV....

We have been in field of manufacturing resistors for over 30 years, has experienced lots of which related the resistors such as quality, production process, material purchasing and production cost and quality controlling, up to 2010, we really has accumulated lots of experience of manufacturing high quality with competitive price resistors.

We have had the experience of offering international markets, we met different clients who had different demands of resistor they need, we tried our best to fulfill the demands, so we have gained some stable clients as their provider of resistors, and we are looking for new clients to be their resistor supplier from all over the world.
we have been certified by UL,CE,CQC,REACH , RoHS and ISO 9001:2008. And we have been exported the various resistors to United States, Brazil, Britain, France, Italy, and some other countries.
We can accept the order-made(customized order) to meet customer’s specific need. We would like to offer any samples we are manufacturing as your requirements.