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Non-Inductive Wirewound Resistor

Non-Inductive Wirewound Resistor

Non-inductive wirewound resistor is made by winding a metal wire around a high purity ceramic. The ends of the wire are soldered or welded to two iron caps, attached to the ends of the core. The assembly is then coated with a layer of flameproof epoxy paint to provide machinery, electricity and weather protection. Pin processing is also available at We.

Advantages of Non-Inductive Wirewound Resistor
1. Non-inductive wirewound resistor possesses excellent thermostability, low temperature coefficient and low noise.
2. It can withstand short time overload.
3. It is ideal for high-frequency switching application due to its low inductance.

Non-inductive wirewound resistor is suitable for high voltage application, high-frequency switching application, current-sensing resistor, power tool, power supply, welder, consumer application, home entertainment and household electrical appliances, etc.

Technical Specification of Non-Inductive Wirewound Resistor
Dimension and Structure

Type Dimension(mm) Dimension(mm) (Mini Size) Resistance Range
Power D±0.5 L±1.0 H±2.0 d±0.05 D±0.5 L±1.0 H±2.0 d±0.05 ±2%(G) ±5%(J)
NKNP-1W 5 12 28 0.70 4 10 28 0.6 0.1Ω~510Ω
NKNP-2W 5.5 16 28 0.70 5 12 28 0.7 0.1Ω~1KΩ
NKNP-3W 6.5 17.5 28 0.78 5.5 16 28 0.8 0.1Ω~2KΩ
NKNP-5W 8 25 38 0.8 6.5 17.5 28 0.8 0.1Ω~5.1KΩ
NKNP-7W 8 30 38 0.8 8 25 38 0.8 0.1Ω~5.1KΩ
NKNP-8W 8 40 38 0.8 8 30 38 0.8 0.51Ω~3.3KΩ
NKNP-10W 8.5 31 38 0.8 0.51Ω~3.3KΩ
KNP-12W 8.5 42 38 1.0 1.0Ω~3.3KΩ
KNP-15W 8.5 52 38 1.0 1.0Ω~3.3KΩ


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