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Mini Type Dynamic Braking Resistor Box

Mini Type Dynamic Braking Resistor Box

This mini type dynamic braking resistor box comes with good heat dissipation, and it is manufactured with a protective-enclosure to ensure operation safety. It is easy for installation, and has long service life.

Our dynamic braking resistor box is ideal for use in electrical power systems, load testing, instruments and meters, as well as auto-controlled devices, etc.


As a China-based dynamic braking resistor box manufacturer, We also produces ceramic encased resistor, composition resistor, aluminum encased resistor, fusible resistor, high voltage resistors, film resistors, etc. to suit your various needs. With the advantage of superior quality and reliability, our products are in increasing demand in Britain, France, Italy, Brazil, United States, among others. If you have any related need, please contact us via any of the methods listed on the website.

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