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EE Resistor

EE Resistor

Advantages of EE Resistor
1. The porcelain basal body of EE range of precision resistor is made using Germany's 96% high purity alumina, and end caps are made using America's silver-plated alloy. This ensures good heat dissipation and reliable electrical resistance.
2. The resistive film is made of special alloy material and using advanced film forming technique, and then it is coated with high stability antioxidant silicone film.
3. High purity aluminum material is utilized as the intermediate layer between resistive film and the end caps, which greatly improves the performance stability of the precision
4. Highly advanced production techniques make sure each of our resistors is up to
5. Before delivery, each precision resistor is tested via a computer system, thus avoiding quality problems that cannot be detected through manual testing. After that, a final testing on finished products is performed at We, so as to ensure performance reliability and stability.

ISO9001:2008 certified, We specializes in manufacturing EE resistor in China. In addition to the precision resistor, we also provide dynamic braking resistor box, blower motor resistor, low ohmic resistor, mould pressing resistor, and more to meet diversified needs of customers. If you buy these products from our company, we can also provide you with convenient transportation, especially sea and air transportation. We sincerely hope to cooperate with you!

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