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REA/EEA Resistor

REA/EEA Resistor

Advantages of REA and EEA Resistor?
1. The porcelain basal body of REA and EEA range of precision resistor is made using Germany's 96% high purity alumina. This ensures good heat dissipation performance.
2. The resistive film is made of special alloy material and using advanced film forming technique, and then it is coated with high stability antioxidant silicone film.
3. Highly advanced production techniques make sure each of our resistors is up to standard.
4. The performance of REA and EEA resistors is inferior to that of our EE and RE range products. But, it is superior to RJ metal film resistor.

We is a major manufacturer and supplier of precision resistor in China. Our high voltage resistor, film resistor, heater ceramic resistor, dynamic braking resistor box, blower motor resistors, etc. are produced in strict compliance with the international standard. In addition, our company is located in Shenzhen City which provides us with convenient transportation. In addition, the abundant raw materials and labor forces here can help largely reduce our production costs. Therefore, we can provide clients with quality products at competitive prices. If you have any related need, please contact us via any of the methods listed on the website.

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