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UPR/UPRN Resistor

UPR/UPRN Resistor

Advantages of UPR and UPRN Resistor
1. Resistor cores of superior rank RE and EE range products are utilized.
2. A computer detection system is employed to test and sort the resistors. UPR and UPRN range resistors offer a resistance tolerance as low as ±0.01% and temperature coefficient less than 2PPM.
3. Designed with outer case with good damp-proof and heat dissipation performance, the precision resistor is provided with good moisture resistance and improved load capacity.
4. This range of product is one of the best types of metal film resistor made in China.

Thanks for visiting. This page introduces you our UPR and UPRN resistor. As a China-based precision resistor manufacturer, We also produces heater ceramic resistor, dynamic braking resistor box, blower motor resistor, low ohmic resistors, mould pressing resistors, etc. to suit your various needs. We are committed to offering high quality products and thoughtful customer services, and we are certified by ISO9001:2008. If you have any related need, please contact us via any of the methods listed on the website.

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