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MS Ceramic Encased Resistor

MS Ceramic Encased Resistor

MS ceramic encased resistor is made by winding a resistance wire around a non-inductive heat resistant ceramic core or by using a fixed film resistor (such as a power resistor) as its resistive element. In order to protect and fix the resistor, it is then filled with heat resistant, moisture resistant and corrosion resistant cement materials.

Features of MS Ceramic Encased Resistor
1. MS ceramic encased resistor can save much space because of its small physical size with high power.
2. The ceramic enclosure of MS ceramic encased resistor assures high thermal conductivity with flameproof sealing.
3. It is convenient to utilize and install.
4. MS ceramic encased resistor is RoHS compliant and 100% lead-free.

MS ceramic encased resistor is suitable for application in industrial automated control, power and energy, transducer and other relevant products.


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