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Ceramic Composition Resistor HVA

Ceramic Composition Resistor HVA

The resistance element of ceramic composition resistor is a mixture of clay, alumina and ceramic which is formed by high temperature and high pressure baking. It is then embedded with wire leads and metal end caps. Finally, it is protected with a insulating coating.

Features of Ceramic Composition Resistor HVC
1. Ceramic composition resistor has an operating temperature range of -40℃ to 155℃. Resistance available ranges from 470 ohm to 100Kohm.
2. Ceramic composition resistor is usually specified with tolerances of ±10% (K) or ±20% (M). It is a substitution of 1W and 2W carbon composition resistor.
3. Compared with wirewound resistor and film resistor, ceramic composition resistor is more reliable.
4. Ceramic composition resistor features high peak power. It can withstand high voltage and intermittent current surges.
5. Its rated power is as high as 5W, which is in accordance with the requirement of high power density.

1.Typical applications of ceramic composition resistor include the high voltage circuits of electron microscope, medical defibrillator, radar, motor controller and radio broadcast transmitter, etc.
2. Ceramic composition resistor is also fit for application in X ray, laser, dynamic braking, soft starting, current limiting, buffer circuit, dummy load, energy research, the engine ignition system of silencer, RF amplifier, semiconductor craft and power adjusting, tec.

Technical Specification of Ceramic Composition Resistor HVC
Dimentions and Structure

1. Metal Oxide Composition
2. Silver Edge
3. Iron Caps
4. Copper Wire
5. Welding Joint
6. Silicon coating(Non-inflammable insulating silicon coating materialUL-94 V-0 approved material, Color: Grey )

L ψD I ψd
HVA1/2 9.0±1.0 3.5±0.5 26±3.0 0.70±0.05
HVA 1 16.5±1.0 5.5±0.5 26±3.0 0.80±0.03
HVA 2 19.0±1.0 7.0±1.0 33±3.0 0.80±0.05


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