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Ceramic Composition Resistor HVC

Ceramic Composition Resistor HVC

Ceramic composition resistor is made by baking the mixture of clay, alumina and ceramic under high temperature and high pressure. It is then protected with an insulating coating.

Features of Ceramic Composition Resistor HVC
1. Ceramic composition resistor has a tolerance of ±10% (K) or ±20% (M). Its operating temperature ranges from-40℃ to 155℃ and resistance value from 470 ohm to 100 Kohm.
2. It is a replacement for 1W and 2W carbon composition resistor.
3. Ceramic composition resistor features high peak power.
4. It can withstand high voltage and intermittent current surges.
5. Its rated power is as high as 5W, which can meet the requirement of high power density.

Ceramic composition resistor is suitable for application in the engine ignition system of silencer, R-C buffer current, ignition system of car, inrush current limiter, and high voltage power supply, etc.

Technical Specification of Ceramic Composition Resistor HVC

Size Code Dimensions(mm) Cap Plate Type
L Lc(min.) ØD
HVC1/2 10.7±0.5 5.4 3.5±0.3 Ni
HVC1 16.0±0.6 9.6 4.75±0.3 Ni
HVC2S 18.3±0.6 11.5 4.75±0.3 Ni
HVC2 18.3 ±0.6 10.0 7.2±0.3 Sn


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