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    1. Ceramic Composition Resistor HVA Ceramic composition resistor is usually specified with tolerances of ±10% (K) or ±20% (M). It is a substitution of 1W and 2W carbon composition resistor.
      Compared with wirewound resistor and film resistor, ceramic composition resistor is more reliable...
    1. Ceramic Composition Resistor HVCIt is a replacement for 1W and 2W carbon composition resistor.
      Ceramic composition resistor features high peak power.
      It can withstand high voltage and intermittent current surges...
    1. Carbon Composition Resistor CCRThe carbon composition resistor is made up of a solid rod made using conductive composition material.
      This carbon composition resistor is characterized by its high pulse handing and high energy withstanding capabilities...

Features of Composition Resistor (Anti Surge Resistor)
1. The working temperature of our anti surge resistor ranges from -40℃ to 155℃.
2. Resistance tolerance: K(±10%), M(±20%).
3. With a resistance range of 470 ohm ~ 100 Kohm.
4. The anti surge resistor is ideal for replacing 1W and 2W carbon composition resistor.
5. As compared with wirewound resistors and film fixed resistors, our composition resistor has higher stability.
6. With high peak power and superior characteristic against high voltage surge current.
7. Coming with rated power of 5w, the anti surge resistor meets high energy density requirements.

Application of Composition Resistor
Firstly, an anti surge resistor can be used for current limiting and offer protection to the starting circuit when a piece of equipment is operated. To illustrate, it can be used in:
1. Welding equipment
2. Electric motor control, electrical control, relay and circuit breaker, etc.
3. High voltage power supply system, electron source laser system
4. Interference suppressor for spark plugs
5. Various equipment designed with AC/DC circuit, pulse circuit, and high voltage circuit, etc.

Secondly, our anti surge resistor is also ideal for electro-discharge and voltage-bleeding off applications. For instance, it can be used in:
1. X-ray generator, CT scanner
2. Medical equipment
3. Dummy load
4. Defibrillator, RF signal generator, sensor heater, and metallurgy
5. FBT in monitor, and focus VR commonly used in color displays.
6. Military radar

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