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Aluminum Encased Wirewound Resistors

Aluminum Encased Wirewound Resistors

As its name suggests, the aluminum encased wirewound resistor comes with aesthetical aluminum housing. It comes with good heat dissipation performance and is easy for installation. It has high power and wide resistance range. With good impact resistance, the wirewound resistor offer reliable performance in severe environments.

We aluminum encased wire wound resistors can be used in industrial machinery, load testing, electric power distribution system, various electrical instruments and automated control installations, etc.

Materials of Aluminum Encased Wirewound Resistor
1. The aluminum encased wirewound resistor is designed based on our flat core winding technology. It is a low profile resistor primarily composed of an alloy coil-type resistance element encased in aluminum alloy housing.
2. The housing is provided with high temperature anodic oxidation treatment, and is filled with heat-resisting cement.
3. Insulation is applied through a high-temperature process.
4. As the resistance element is encapsulated in heat resistant cement, the aluminum encased wirewound resistor can be used in dusty environment and will not be affected by external mechanical forces.


We is a China aluminum encased wirewound resistors manufacturer, specializing in a great variety of fusible resistors. Some of our popular products include fusible resistors, high voltage resistors, film resistors, shunt resistors, heater ceramic resistors, dynamic braking resistor box, and more. As a result of their high quality and low prices, our products are sought after by customers in many countries, such as Britain, France, Italy, Brazil, among others. Our company is located in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province. Here have convenient access to many kinds of transportation, which facilitates the transport of our products and greatly reduces the freight charges for our customers. We look forward to working with customers all over the globe.

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