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Temperature Fuse Ceramic Resistor

Temperature Fuse Ceramic Resistor

A temperature fuse ceramic resistor is composed of a thermal cutoff fuse and a wire wound resistor. Hence, it offers both fusing and electrical resistance capabilities. It offers timely fusing function when there is overload circumstances.
We temperature fuse ceramic resistor is manufactured with Pb-free lead wires and is RoHS certified.

Our temperature fuse ceramic resistor is an ideal circuit protection element for electronic equipment and electric blanket, etc.


As a China-based temperature fuse ceramic resistor manufacturer, We also produces wirewound resistor, ceramic encased resistor, composition resistor, dynamic braking resistor box, blower motor resistors, etc. to suit your various needs. With the advantage of superior quality and reliability, our products are in increasing demand in Britain, France, Italy, Brazil, United States, among others. If you have any related need, please contact us via any of the methods listed on the website.

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