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    1. Wirewound Fusible ResistorFKN wirewound fusible resistor is a circuit element safe to use. Its lead wire is lead free and the product is RoHS and UL1412 compliant. Combining the functions of fuse protector and resistor, the fusible resistor provides us a cost-effective solution for surge protection ...
    1. Metal Film Fusible ResistorOur metal film fusible resistor has low temperature coefficient and high performance stability.
      This circuit element comes with both fusing capability and electrical resistance capability, so it is an economical surge protection solution as compared with traditional single-function ones...
    1. Temperature Fuse Ceramic ResistorA temperature fuse ceramic resistor is composed of a thermal cutoff fuse and a wire wound resistor. Hence, it offers both fusing and electrical resistance capabilities. It offers timely fusing function when there is overload circumstances...
    1. Ceramic Fusing Resistor RF11It is extremely safe to use a ceramic fusing resistor for surge protection applications. Our ceramic fusing resistor is manufactured with Pb-free leads and is RoHS compliant. It also conforms to UL1412 standards.
      The ceramic fusing resistor is also an ideal input protector for small power supplies and batter chargers...

The fusible resistor combines the function of both resistor and fuse protector. It comes with low temperature coefficient and high performance stability. It has the characteristics of non-recoverable fusible resistor.
We fusible resistor is UL compliant, so customers can feel secure in buying.

Application of Fusible Resistors
1. Inrush pulse protection
2. Home appliance protection and lightning strike protection.
3. The fusible resistor provides us an ideal input protection solution for small power supplies and battery chargers.

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