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High Voltage Resistor RI80

High Voltage Resistor RI80

Advantages of High Voltage Resistor RI80
1. The rated power of the high voltage resistor ranges from 1W to 500W.
2. The maximum working voltage ranges from 10KV to 100kv.
3. Resistance tolerance: G( ±2%), J(±5%), K(±10%)
4. Temperature coefficient ranges from 50 ppm/℃ to 400 ppm/℃.
5. We high voltage resistor offers resistance range from 1 Megohm to 1000 Megohm.

Our high voltage resistor is extensively used in devices and equipment which are required to operate with high voltages. To illustrate, it can be used in:
1. Impulse voltage generators
2. Pulse modulators, radar pulse-forming networks
3. Capacitor crowbar circuits, high voltage snubber circuits
4. X-ray and imaging equipment, and EMI/ lightning suppression fields


As a Chinese manufacturer of high voltage resistor, certified by ISO9001, We also provides film resistor, shunt resistor, heater ceramic resistor, dynamic braking resistor box, etc. We are in Shenzhen and we can provide you with convenient logistics transportation. We sincerely hope to cooperate with you!

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