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Non-Inductive Metal Glaze Film Tube Resistor

Non-Inductive Metal Glaze Film Tube Resistor

1. Resistance tolerance: K(±10%)
2. This metal glaze film tube resistor offers a maximum inductance of only 0.4µH.
3. Working medium: air
Insulating oil: SF6
4. R182 non-inductive resistor is available with resistance range from 75 ohm to 1 Kohm.
5. This non-inductive metal glaze film tube resistor is able to handle high pulsed power. This makes it suitable for high energy pulse work.
6. With peak voltage up to 74KV and power up to 100W.

We non-inductive metal glaze film tube resistors are especially suitable for use in following items and fields.
1. X-ray, laser, medical defibrillator
2. Radar, motor drivers, and broadcast transmitters
3. Snubber circuits, dummy loads, and energy research fields.
4. Dynamic braking, power adjustment, soft-start and current limiting fields
5. RF amplifier, semiconductor processes, and pulse voltage generators

Technical Specification of Non-Inductive Metal Glaze Film Tube Resistor

Type Dimension (mm) Resistance range (Ω) Resistance tolerance (%) Heat capacity (KJ) Impulse voltage (KV) Rated power (W)
L±3.0 ΦD±2.0 Φd±2.0
RMCD-100 305 25.4 15.5 75 ~ 1K ±10 30 75 100
RMCD-90 250 25.4 15.5 25 60 90
RMCD-70 200 25.4 15.5 20 45 70
RMCD-50 150 25.4 15.5 15 30 50
RMCD-35 100 25.4 15.5 10 15 35

Bulk and Carton

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