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MELF Metal Film Resistor

MELF Metal Film Resistor

1. Pure tin-made terminals offer the metal film resistor good welding performance.
2. With high precision. The resistance tolerance is ± 0.05 %.
3. The metal film resistor is compatible with both lead-free and leaded soldering processes.
4. Designed based on advanced techniques relating to thin film resistor, this metal film resistor offers high level of stability.
5. The temperature coefficient of the metal film resistor is only ± 5ppm/℃ and it has wide resistance range from 0.1Ω to 22MΩ.

Our metal film resistor is an ideal choice for all applications with high requirement towards precision and performance stability. For instance, it can be used in medical electronics, aerospace and airplane electronic products, measuring and calibration equipment, testing and measuring equipment, industrial process control systems, and telecommunication industry, and more.

Poly bag and carton

We is a major manufacturer and supplier of melf metal film resistor in China. Our company is located in Shenzhen which provides us with convenient transportation. Therefore, we can deliver our film resistors to you in time. In addition, we establish long term cooperative relationship with material suppliers, which helps reduce our material purchasing cost. Therefore, we can provide shunt resistor, heater ceramic resistor, dynamic braking resistor box, blower motor resistor, low ohmic resistors, etc. at reasonable prices. If you have any need, please contact us directly. We look forward to cooperating with you.

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