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Shunt Resistor 250A-600A

Shunt Resistor 250A-600A

The 250A-600A shunt resistor is primarily made using precision alloy. It is an ideal choice for current sense, due to its high reliability and high overload capacity as well as reliable performance.

Our 250A-600A shunt resistor is commonly used in telecommunications, electronic instruments, auto-controlling electric circuits for current limiting, current balancing and sampling test applications.

We is a shunt resistor producer in China, is also committed to offer quality composition resistors, aluminum encased resistors, fusible resistors, high voltage resistors, film resistors, to name a few. Over the past years, we have always been striving to provide customers with high quality products and top class service. As a result, our company received the ISO9001:2008 certification and our products are CE certified. We sincerely hopes to cooperate with you!

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