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We Electronics Company has specialized in the resistor manufacturing industry for over thirty years. Our wide range of resistors includes our wire wound resistor, ceramic encased resistor, carbon composition resistor, aluminum encased resistor, and fusible resistors, to name a few. Our products are UL, CE, CQC, RoHS, and REACH certified, and our company is ISO9001:2008 certified. Therefore, we are able to supply our superior products to customers all over the world.

At We, we utilize the latest production equipment from Taiwan and Japan, and we acquire our raw materials from well-known international suppliers with production bases in China. In addition, we employ highly skilled workers and experienced technicians. Our talented staff works diligently to ensure the reliable performance of our We cemented wire wound resistor, non-inductive resistor, high voltage resistor, and other fine products, so our customers can be confident in purchasing these dependable products.

In addition to the reliability of our products, the We staff is committed to technical innovation as well. We make substantial investments in the research and development of new types of electrical resistors, so we can continually provide the most advanced, high quality products to our customers all over the world. We strive to introduce ten new varieties of resistors to product list every year. We are also making great strides in the improvement of products, which has contributed to our rapid growth in recent years. We keep our fingers on the pulse of this industry, as our goal is to be the top resistor manufacturer in the world.

Setting our sights on the expansion of our international market, we welcome new clients to try our products. We offer high performance products and complete customer services. If you are interested in We Electronics or any of our products, please contact us. Let's work and grow together.

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Main Products
    1. Cemented Wirewound Resistor Cemented wirewound resistor is made by winding a metal wire around a ceramic core. The end of the wire is welded.
      Cemented wirewound resistor is protected with a layer of...
    1. MPR Non-Inductive Plated Ceramic Resistor MPR non-inductive plated ceramic resistor features low inductance from 30 to 60Nh and low resistance value from 5 m ohm to 6.6 ohm.
      It possesses fine ...
    1. Ceramic Composition Resistor HVA The resistance element of ceramic composition resistor is a mixture of clay, alumina and ceramic which is formed by high temperature and high pressure baking. It is then embedded...
    1. Golden Aluminum Encased Wirewound Resistor Elements: copper and nickel alloy, nichrome or manganin
      The housing of the wirewound resistor is made of aluminum material which comes with hard anodic coating. The core is ...